Orthopedic Lower Back Cushion (100% Memory Foam - Excellent Lower Back Support )

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Did you know that most of the chairs we sit in every day are NOT designed to properly support us? Lower back pain is bad news, and the real factors behind it come down to just sitting in unnatural positions. Most cars are especially guilty here. Unlike other seats, you are not able to move around and adjust much inside a vehicle. You are purely at the mercy of the seat's design. During longer car trips, you may find yourself frustrated and uncomfortable, and It hurts for a reason - you're forcing your back into a position it shouldn't be in. 

There's a solution, and It's been around for quite some time. It's severely underutilized and quite simple. All you need to protect yourself is a properly made lower back support. This seat cushion is designed with both car seats, and people in mind. You will never be uncomfortable in a vehicle again, and you will even be protecting your back.